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Jones, Walker & Lake is a professional law corporation. We practice general civil law. We specialize, in particular, in real estate law in Southside Hampton Roads. For over 30 years we have helped thousands of buyers and sellers in real estate transactions. Our experience leads us to always recommend that any buyer or seller hire an attorney because many things can go wrong. Every attorney is bound by the Virginia State Bar to observe rigorous ethical rules to assure that the public is protected from the unscrupulous and the unqualified. This is important given the complex legal issues that arise in virtually every real estate transaction and the substantial amount of money usually at stake.

Through the stress of deadlines and crisis management buyers and sellers face, we are a team that focuses on solving clients’ problems and providing legal advice. It has been this way through thousands of real estate transactions – from private residences closings to large commercial projects. You can trust Jones, Walker & Lake to meet your legal needs. To learn more about us, please tour our site by clicking on the menu options at the top of the page, and thank you for visiting our website.


Disclaimer: Opinions expressed herein are generic statements and are not designed to provide you with legal advice specific to your situation. Legal ethics promulgated by the Virginia Supreme Court require that we practice law only with clients who have expressly retained us to represent them. Our best advice is, hire an attorney. The cost is less than you imagine, and the benefits, just in your peace of mind, worth it. And, heaven forbid, if your deal crashes you’ll need an attorney anyway.

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